Participant Accident Insurance for the Entertainment Industry

Arts, entertainment, and recreational organizations have unique characteristics. They attract diverse audiences, depend on volunteers, and feature live stage performances. These activities often result in heightened risk exposure to accidents and catastrophic events.

Even with a general liability policy in place, these establishments can face adverse financial consequences should volunteers/participants/performers experience accidents requiring medical treatment. Medical benefit limits under general liability policies are customarily low or excluded, creating unaccounted for gaps. There is no reason to believe all participants or attendees have major medical.

How We Meet Your Needs

With a tailored and highly-sophisticated risk management approach, we leverage the expertise of our well-established underwriting organization to design customized programs that address the true risks of these establishments.
We have a large risk appetite and demonstrated ability to provide coverage for a host of activities and events.
We provide coverage for injuries occurring during a sponsored event/activity with benefits that include:
  • Accident medical expense benefits delivered on either a primary or excess basis
  • Catastrophic cash benefits for paralysis or coma
  • AD&D benefits
  • Weekly accident indemnity benefits
Base accident medical expense benefits can be complemented by optional international travel coverage.

Key Benefits

  • Excess Accident Medical Expense benefit
  • Accidental Death benefit
  • Accidental Dismemberment benefit
  • Optional Coverages
  • Coma benefit
  • Paralysis benefit
  • Catastrophic Cash benefit (Coma and paralysis)
  • Heart and Circulatory benefit
  • Emergency Sickness benefit
  • Medical Evacuation benefit (100 mile radius from residence)
  • Home alteration benefit
  • Psychological Counseling benefit