Group Indemnity Dental Insurance

Group Indemnity Dental insurance offers employees far greater flexibility in their dental care than ever before—at premiums everyone can afford. And it features a passive PPO. While employees have their choice of provider, selecting an in-network dentist helps them save out-of-pocket costs.
  • Employees have their choice of dentist—no restrictions.
  • Flexible plan designs—more choices to build a plan that meets both employer and employee needs.
  • Deductible is waived for charges due to accidents.
  • $300 Supplemental Accident Benefit option.
  • Takeover benefits available.
  • Plan maximum carry-forward benefit option 
  • Orthodontia benefit available.

Group High-Low Choice Dental Insurance

With the Group High-Low Choice Dental plan, employees have a choice of two dental plans, both of which offer quality dental treatment.
  • Employees can choose between the low- and the high-option plan.
  • Employees have their choice of dental professionals—no restrictions.
  • Plan covers a wide range of the most commonly needed dental services.
  • Deductible is waived for charges due to accident.

Group Scheduled Reimbursement Dental Insurance

The scheduled reimbursement design of the program controls cost by assigning specific dental fees to specific procedures. For example, for each dental procedure performed, an insured is reimbursed the dollar amount listed on the schedule for that procedure. If the dentist’s fee is greater than the schedule amount, the insured is responsible for the balance and the deductible.
  • Employees have their choice of dental professionals—no restrictions.
  • Coverage for up to 100 of the top most often used dental procedures.
  • Eleven benefit levels, so employers can choose the plan that best fits their budget.
  • For 10-plus groups, employers can choose to have Preventive care covered at 100 percent of the R&C charge—and the deductible waived.
  • Deductible is waived for charges due to accident.

Group Discount Dental Program

Group Discount Dental is a reduced fee-for-service program that lets employees pay discounted fees for services provided by network dentists—including specialists such as oral surgeons and orthodontists.
  • Significantly discounted fee schedule, particularly for Preventive services.
  • A nationwide network of over 125,000 dentists.
  • A monthly fee of only $5 covers the employee—$13 a month covers an entire family.
  • No limit on plan usage.
  • Convenience of payroll deduction.